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Your guide to living your best self in parenting and business... because you matter.

Become the parent you never had and smash the glass ceiling in your career - while being unapologetically supported and loved.

I am on a mission to teach people who want to make an impact in this world how to lead their best selves through parenting, careering and marriage using a unique blueprint of emotional leadership, science and energetics.

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Her Backstory

On a piece of paper my life in the 30s looked pretty perfect.

I married my college sweetheart and graduated with an Ivy League PhD from the University of Cambridge.

We had two healthy, gorgeous kids, our own home and a multiple six-figure household income.

Why would one not be happy and walking on air?

Weren’t we raised to believe that this was what we wanted… money, love, wealth?

I had it all but couldn’t feel it.

The price for “having it all” was too high.

It had turned me into a successful powerhouse in the office wearing the mask of glory, yet at home, behind closed curtains, my kids’ tantrums, backtalk and attitudes would turn me into monster mommy.

My parenting was a constant power struggle, overshadowed by feelings of inadequacy and helplessness.

I wanted to do it right and raise happy kids, yet, there was more chaos than connection.

I was convinced it was my fault, because selfish-me wanted more and gave her best to the corporate world and left the rest of her to those she loved the most.

I became desperate to fix this and understand why on earth I could not have it all in an easy and aligned way.

It took me on a journey of deep self-transformation, inner healing and emotional awakening that completely shifted my parenting and careering paradigm.

I realized we are doing this all the wrong way, the hard way … I did not like that. 

I like easy, uncomplicated, pragmatic but also the real deal.

That’s why I created the Conscious Champagne Chat series in our Mom Leadership group on Facebook™ - short video snippets that up-level your mom leadership skills 10 min at a time so you can show up as your best self in parenting and business… the easy and aligned way, while being unapologetically loved for being YOU.

Ready to live the life you should be living and meet Marlis?

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If you’d like to reach out or send me a message, email me at [email protected]

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