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“I couldn’t have done this on my own. I read the books, I know what to do… but in these moments of being triggered, I’ve realized underneath there’s  unresolved emotion. That’s been a missing piece for me… It’s priceless – this is something we should all be taught.”

Hypnotherapist | Mom of 2 Boys | USA

“I had a lot of breakthroughs, and they keep popping up. I realized when I’m triggered it’s actually an image of myself that I didn’t agree with. It’s only when I started this I was able to peel away these layers of hardened emotions. I realized it wasn’t everyone else, it was me.”

Yoga Teacher | Mom of 1 Girl | GER

“I have more inner calm and peace, which is good because that has improved our relationship – better connection in a more loving way. Now that I’ve done this course… there is a letting go. It’s allowed me to know in my heart I’m doing everything I can.”

Artist and Author | Mom of 1 Boy | USA

See what the clients are saying:

“I am a happier mom, wife, and am learning to let go of the “perfection” standard.”

“I accomplished confronting the trauma that led to my anger and anxiety as a parent.
I realized that my reactions to certain triggers could only improve once I let those past emotions/feelings of disappointment release. It was then that a saw such a change. 

My biggest struggle prior to going through the EPL program was the anger I experienced when I was triggered, whether that be from my kids not listening or their messy room. I realized that I was expecting perfection from them and that I was simply making this about me, and not realizing my past “demons” were more or less controlling those thoughts. I can now walk into their room and not feel angry. I am showing up in a way that allows me to realize they can only process so much at certain ages and I can now take the time to help them work through their battles in a calm and empathetic way versus simply yelling to solve the problem. 

I feel less triggered overall and that is a huge win for me. There are still days, yes, where I feel overwhelmed by the clutter and anxiety but I go back to the tapping and let those emotions go. I am a happier mom, wife, and am learning to let go of the “perfection” standard. 

I loved the coaching sessions. It helped me realize that there are so many others out there struggling in the same ways. The people on the calls were all judgement free and took the time to listen as the information presented always applied to most of us. It was a great experience overall and I’m glad I will have these resources/trainings to reference back to when my emotions start to feel triggered. Thank you again Marlis!!

Documentation Auditor | Mom of 5 Girls | USA

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