Female Self-Leadership Program

Corporate Coaching Program

Transition coaching that delivers self-leadership and emotional resilience principles to retain your top female talent in leadership roles after returning from maternity leave.

“Give a working mom emotional support, and you keep her for a while. Teach a working mom how to emotionally support herself and you keep her for a lifetime” – M. Huebner.

You want to keep your female talent and you know she is committed to her career but she is holding back on her full potential because of her commitments at home.

She is confused and starts wondering:

Despite flexible working hours and parenting support, we often hear that women feel alone on this journey.

Where are the role models?

The few that exist were working really hard to get there, they made a lot of sacrifices…

Is it worth it?

With few true role models in place we need to teach women how to lead themselves first.

We need to teach them to become conscious of the factors that are contributing to the push-pull parenting-careering relationship, that are feeding into the stress and overwhelm and start teaching them to see beyond what they see:

“Leadership is working extra-long hours and on weekends”

“Important conversations happen on the hallway after 6pm when I am with the kids”

“I have to work extra hard and long to be successful”

When we start looking beyond the obvious and become conscious of what is REALLY contributing to “it’s just too hard” we can flip the script and find new ways of leading ourselves to career success and family happiness.

Often companies provide the best support and flex care for their employees, yet, they still experience a high female drop out.

“Be it before you see it

We are here to help you implement emotionally resilient strategies that are meaningful and that add value to the working woman’s career and the company’s business success.

Transition coaching for your women returning after maternity leave is a space for her personal and career growth, that allows her to reclaim her identity as a career mom. She will learn how to lead herself with confidence and clarity to perform at her best and deliver outstanding results without stress or burnout.

“It helps me to develop and to better assess my time management – I have new tools and support to master work and parent challenges the easy way.”


“I am more confident, more to the point, less shy, more assertive, more open. I have been more understanding of other people’s perspectives and needs. I have grown as a leader.”


“I am more authentic and confident. I am less stressed to show myself instead of running behind what I think people expect from me.”


“I was definitely struggling with “Am I good enough?” – and that was at work and home. Where should I focus my energy? How do I do MORE with the same amount of hours everyone else has in a day?

At work, I’ve been able to clear tasks off my plate, getting them delegated to the correct people. This leaves me time to spend on items where I can shine.

At home, I’ve been more present, minimizing distractions and having quality time. 

I definitely have more work to do – but I’m focusing on the things that are most important to me and minimizing the things that are distracting or unnecessary.”


Grow her emotional self-leadership and watch her thrive in the office and at home.

How Forward2Work Coaching Can Help You!

In our 6-months coaching program, we enable women to a mindful and emotionally resilient back to work transition so nothing holds them back to grow into the next leadership level.

F2W bridges parenting with careering and helps her go FROM SURVIVE TO THRIVE

Watch her fall in love with work and8

Women who have gone through this course have




Our 8-months coaching program comes with pre-recorded training videos, workbooks, and templates as well as live coaching sessions.

Contact us below to set up a time and learn more about how the program can benefit your organisation.

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If you’d like to reach out or send me a message, email me at craft1life@marlishuebner.com

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